Truck and Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Accidents involving 18-wheelers and other commercial vehicles are not the same as personal auto accidents.  Commercial drivers are professional drivers.  They are held to a higher standard on the road than you are.  Commercial drivers are required to obtain more safety training and undergo more background investigation than you are.  They are required to follow State and Federal rules that regulate their conduct both on and off the road.  These requirements exist because 18-wheelers and other commercial vehicles do far more damage and cause far more injury when they are involved in an accident.  Unfortunately, drivers and their companies cut corners and frequently put profit ahead of public safety.

If you have been involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler or other commercial vehicle, you need an attorney who knows the standards to which commercial drivers and their trucking companies are held.  At Scheuerman Law Firm, PLLC, our attorneys have significant experience representing victims of these types of accidents.

Trucking and commercial vehicle accident cases require specific legal expertise.  These cases often require accident reconstruction and biomechanical analysis.  There are specific records that trucking companies and commercial drivers are required to maintain, as well as regulations addressing issues like driver fatigue, vehicle inspection and maintenance, and driver testing.  Different sets of rules apply to 18-wheelers and other commercial vehicles that make trips crossing state lines as opposed to trips solely within the State of Texas. 

You need an attorney who is familiar with these aspects of trucking and commercial vehicle accident cases.  You need an attorney who knows what your case needs in terms of preparation, expert witnesses, and other legal resources.  The attorneys at Scheuerman Law Firm, PLLC have the specific legal expertise needed to successfully handle these cases and obtain favorable outcomes for their clients.  All aspects of your case will be handled by an attorney with 24+ years of experience in this area of law. See our “Case Results” page for proof of our success in trucking and commercial vehicle accident cases.

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